The New New Look, Part 3

In The New New Look, Part 1, I detailed the changes we made to the BeamAndGo Store page. In Part 2, I described the Details page that appears after a user clicks on the Buy button.

In this post, I will show you all the payment options that are available to our users on the BeamAndGo Checkout page.

PayPal, Credit Cards, dragonpay, BeamAndGo Direct


Millions of people around the world use PayPal for one simple reason: it’s simple. Just an email and password will get you through checkout before you can reach for your wallet.


PayPal is one of the world’s largest internet payment companies in the world. They operate in over 200 markets and allow customers to send, receive, and hold funds in 26 currencies worldwide.

Credit Cards

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discovery Card.

Credit Card via PayPal

Our credit card payment service is provided by PayPal. As long you have one of the credit cards listed above, you do not need a PayPal account.

Online Banking

With our partners DragonPay, we enable our users to use online banking to pay for their BeamAndGo purchases.

Online Banking

The following are the participating banks in the Philippines: BDO, BPI, Metrobank, RCBC, Unionbank, UCPB, Chinabank, PNB, Maybank, RobinsonsBank, Sterling Bank of Asia, and EastWest Bank.


Also with DragonPay, we are able to accept cash payments for BeamAndGo purchases at banks and retail establishments all over the world.


The following are the participating banks in the Philippines: BDO, BPI, Metrobank, RCBC, Unionbank, UCPB, Chinabank, PNB, Maybank, RobinsonsBank, Sterling Bank of Asia, and EastWest Bank.

The following are the participating retail establishments in the Philippines: Bayad Center, LBC branches, SM Payment Counters, Robinsons Department Stores (RDS), Cebuana Lhuillier and M.Lhuillier branches nationwide.

Internationally, I-Remit provides payment centers accepting cash payment for BeamAndGo purchases in over 20 countries.

BeamAndGo Direct

For our users who live in Manila or Singapore, we provide an extra payment option – BeamAndGo Direct. With BeamAndGo Direct, a user can visit our office in Makati or in Singapore and make a payment directly to us.


In Manila

BeamAndGo Philippines, Inc.
Unit 507 Peninsula Court
8735 Paseo de Roxas
Makati, Philippines
Monday to Friday 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM (Except holidays)

Phone: +63 (2) 553-7959
Mobile (Smart): +63 949-839-3322
Mobile (Globe): +63 915-442-3322

In Singapore

BeamAndGo Pte Ltd
11 Sims Drive
Monday to Friday 2:30 AM – 6:30 PM (Except holidays)

Or you can call me at +65 9129 4273 or email me at to arrange a meetup.

And we are working hard everyday to provide more payment options. Within the next few months, BeamAndGo users will be able to pay for their purchases with Bitcoin or charge their purchases to their mobile phone account.

We want to make it easier for our users to take care of their families in the Philippines. If you have any suggestions or comments, you can contact me directly at

To see the new changes at BeamAndGo, visit us at

The New New Look, Part 2

In The New New Look, Part 1, I described the changes we made to the BeamAndGo products page in order for our users to get all the product information at a glance. In Part 2, I will show you guys what happens after a user clicks on the Buy button.

We worked hard to streamline our screens so that a user only needs to enter the minimum amount of information necessary to complete a transaction. As users of BeamAndGo ourselves, we wanted less pages and less fields. And as a result, this is what we came up with …

It's all in the details

First, we created a section that displays all the item details related to the order.

It's all in the details

Then, we made it easier for the user to select a recipient for the order.


And lastly, we provided an estimate on when the recipient will receive the SMS with the digital gift certificate information.

Delivery estimate

The SMS will contain the following information: the sender’s name (you!), the value of the gift certificate, the gift certificate code, the merchant and the locations where the gift certificate can be redeemed.

In many instances, the SMS will be sent instantaneously and the recipient can redeem the digital gift certificate immediately.

In The New New Look, Part 3, I will explain the different payment options we have added to BeamAndGo to make it easier and more economical for our users to provide for their families.

To see the new changes at BeamAndGo, visit us at If you have any questions or comments, you can contact me directly at

The New New Look, Part 1

Everyday we ask users how can we make it better for them to take care of their families in the Philippines. Because we are a new to the scene, our users wanted more clarity about our products and our services. So that’s what we did.

Last week we unveiled a new look that provided our users with the essential product information and features that will help them make better decisions as they provide for their families.

We are calling this new look BeamAndGo Store.

The first page has been enhanced to show all the products available on BeamAndGo …  

Landing Page

Bread Crumb – In the upper left hand corner, we left a bread crumb trail: Store > Details > Checkout. The bread crumb enables our users to know how many more steps are in the purchase process.

View by Merchant – In the upper right hand corner, a drop down list displays a list of BeamAndGo merchants. When a user selects a merchant, the system will display all the products offered by the specified merchant.

Next, we modified the display of our product item to provide comprehensive at-a-glance information …

Product Item Display

And lastly, we provided one click access for a user to make a purchase or make a request …

Request or Buy

In The New New Look, part 2, I will explain how we made it easier for our users to select their recipients, apply discount codes, and understand the delivery options.

To see the new changes at BeamAndGo, visit us at If you have any questions or comments, you can contact me directly at

Paper forms, signature cards and the resulting hand cramp

RETRO-BANK-TELLER-005These days when someone asks me to fill out a physical paper form, it feels a little strange.

I am used to doing everything online and believe that it is the most efficient way to do things.

But recently, I had to open a bank account in a Singaporean bank. With this bank, account openings are performed at a bank branch and requires filling out a series of forms. My initial thought was, “This can’t be that bad.

However, I wouldn’t be writing this article if it “wasn’t that bad.”

My first issue is that my writing hand is not used to operating a pen anymore. So by the time I got to the 2nd page, my hand was cramping. But that was only the beginning of my problems.

bankteller1After filling out the forms, had to wait on a line for about 20 minutes. Once I got to the teller, she told me that I filled out the wrong form. No worries. She gave me the correct one and assisted me in filling in the blanks.

Afterwards, I waited while she transcribed what I wrote into the computer.

Next came the signature form. She asked me to sign my name in 5 different places. Not used to all that signing: some of my signatures didn’t look the same, so I was asked to sign again. Second time wasn’t much better. Signed again. Third time was the charm.

Teller_Window_08082012Then she asked me if I wanted “internet banking“. You know me, I’m all about the internet.

But the bank sure doesn’t make it easy.

Another form needed to be filled out. You’d think the bank had all my information in the system, so it should be just ticking off a checkbox, right?

Signed a few more documents. Was told that a security dongle would be mailed to me and with that I’ll be able to do all my banking transactions online. Happy. Or so I thought.

A week later, I received the security dongle, followed the instructions, and logged-in. After some use, I realized I could not make e-payments or send e-checks. Called up support and was informed that I did not have the proper authorization to perform any banking transactions. What?

Turns out that when I signed up for internet banking I filled out the wrong form. To rectify this issue and get all the basic internet banking functionality, I had to fill out another form and drop it off at the bank …

22fafd9d152965b05c2a6a651bbdd05cAye caramba; my patience was wearing thin.

I downloaded a form. Filled it out. Went to the bank. Stood on line. Submitted the form to a teller.

The teller keyed in all my info. Printed out another signature form. Took me only two tries this time before they accepted my signature as authentic.

The teller had seen me a few times already and thanked me for my patience. When it was all done, she asked me if I needed anything else.

I said, “oh yeah, I didn’t get an ATM card. When will it arrive?

The teller checks her computer then tells me, “You didn’t ask for one. You need to fill out the form requesting for one.”